Mark’s Gospel

Mark is the oldest gospel in the New Testament dating to around 60-70 CE.

I have mulled around this gospel in my head for over a decade hoping to one day do it justice as a graphic novel. The synoptic gospels are rarely treated with the individual respect in story telling. Seminary studies taught me the uniqueness each of the 4 gospel bring to the story of Jesus. I hope to capture their individual flavours in my telling.

Much of my ideas are credited to Ched Myers, author of Binding the Strong Man. His political interpretation of Mark brought to life the socio-economic atmosphere Jesus campaigned against. Yet at the same time the words of a beloved Pastor are forever embedded in my envisioning of Christ: “13 men camping in a dessert, sure…they were serious all the time…”

Today I bring you Mark..

One day, Matthew…and eventually Luke/Act